Farewell Jason Richards

As many of you know by now V8 Supercar racer Jason Richards lost his battle with stomach cancer on Thursday night.  It’s been told by everyone that Jase was among the best people you could ever meet, and his strenght and positive outlook while going through the illness was inspiring.

Mark Beretta who a host on the Morning Channel 7 News Show Sunrise, and a pit reporter for the V8 Supercar series had these words on Friday.

Your Guide To Bathurst And The Drivers

We were preparing to do a long post for today or tomorrow running through all the teams and drivers that will be going after glory at this weekends Great Race.  However, our friends at Speedcafe.com have done that for us with this very nice guide.  Since they are allowing the embeding of it, we will do that for you.



Bathurst 1000, The Great Race

Today we are going to share a video put together by Seven Network, who are the TV rights holder to the V8 Supercar series.  This is a video from I believe 2009, though it was just uploaded to YouTube by V8 Supercars in the last few months.

Russell Crowe provides the voice over for this piece, and there are some great clips (vision for our Aussie fans) of some of the historic moments of the races from years past.

While this is not the most comprehensive overview of the race I have seen, the music, along with Crowe’s voice over lend great weight to this clip.

Lamborghini Reventon Comes To Jay Leno’s Garage

With as big of a fan as Jay Leno is, we are a bit surprised that he doesn’t own a Reventon.  He owns other very low production supercars like the McLaren F1, but up to this point he has resisted.

Jay does his usual show, talking about the car, the history of the company, the lineage of the machine then takes it out for a drive.  We must say this car does make beautiful noises!

OK enough of that, go watch the video, after you get a paper towel to wipe up your drool!