Two Wheel Tuesday, People On Wheels

Jim Race posted the link to this on twitter over the weekend.  A day or two later David Emmett of also sent this to me.  I guess that was more than enough to tell me that this should be this weeks Two Wheel Tuesday post.

BTW look for David on the next episode of RumblestripRadio which should be out later this week.

Two Wheel Tuesday Eugene Laverty At Monza

Round five of the World Supersport Championship was at Monza last week and as typical the racing was hot and heavy.  Until the last lap or two Eugene Laverty was running up front and looking for the win.  Coming out of Parabolica, Eugene was on the gas!  In fact when I posted this picture to Twitter Eugene sent this in reply:FYI I didn’t back off! No traction control at 100% gas for all ye anti-electronics folk. 

Two Wheel Tuesday: Two Strokes Rule!!

Many people who have followed me from “back in the day” of and over the last 3+ years know that I’m a two stroke snob.  There are few things that I love more than a two stroke at full song.  

Over the last couple years I’ve also grown to really like this late 60’s early 70’s Cafe Racer movement.  While this bike isn’t exactly what I had in mind, it would be a great platform to pull it off.