Reviewed 2014 Ram 2500 Diesel: Power Player Indeed

This time on Rumblestrip.NET and Ten Minute Test Drive we look in on the hard working segment of the industry, the 3/4 Ton Truck market with the Ram 2500 4×4 Diesel.  How does it stack up to it’s rivals, the Chevy 2500 and GMC 2500 and the almighty Ford F250?


Reviewed 2013 Chevy Cruze Diesel: 45+ MPG Is Easy Like Sunday Morning


The auto enthusiast community has been clambering for a small diesel car, from a U.S. manufacturer, for quite some time.  Chevy has answered their call by bringing the 2.0 Turbo Diesel engine from Europe to the U.S. and placed it in the Cruze, and it is set to go head to head with the Volkswagen Jetta.
The Cruze on it’s own is a pretty solid car, however, once you put the clean diesel engine in the car, does it make it better, worse, or the same?  Will American’s take to a clean diesel car from a U.S. manufacturer that gets 30mpg in the city and almost 50mpg on the highway?
That is what we find out on this episode of Rumblestrip.NET and Ten Minute Test Drive.


RoundAboutShow #27 The “St. Patrick’s Day” Episode

It’s time for a taste of the Emerald Isle!  That’s right, St. Patrick’s Day is just a few hours away, so raise a glass with the RoundAbout crew and toast everything green in this “magically delicious” episode.  From a one-of-a-kind Chip Foose-customized farm implement to a South Korean road that’s green in a different way, we’ve got all of our Irish bases covered.  Among a plethora of other topics, we also chat about Ford’s brand-new Paddy wagon and expound on the dangers of grooming yourself while driving.  But there’s a whole lot more than that, so you’d better listen up.  Where else will you find out what Michelle Naranjo loves about Riverdance and where Zach Bowman’s hidden his pot-o-gold?

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RoundAboutShow #21 The “Drunk” Episode

Every week like brand-new 21-year-olds we hit up the clubs and dive bars of the internet to celebrate our freedom.  Before blacking out in a stranger’s rose bushes, we might find a few interesting things to talk about, or even a cohesive, Zen-like theme.  On the road to incapacitation we’ll ride in a Sidecar through Manhattan to grab a Long Island Iced Tea.  But we’ll have to watch out for Irish Car Bombs, relations between Black Russians and White Russians have been on the rocks.  If we can dodge the hail of 9 mms and avoid ending up like JFK, we might be able to get some Old Fashioned advice from Three Wise Men.  Thank GOD birthdays – and podcasts – only come once in a Blue Moon.  What starts out like Sex on the Beach, ends like an apocalypse with Four Horsemen.

It’s like they say, you only turn 21 once, so join us as we celebrate with a bad decision or two. A New Hampshire woman racks up three DWIs in one week. Australian scientists come up with fabric technology that will resist vomit smell. And, we wake up next to an Iranian diesel and wonder what else we did last night. Plus we’ve got another installment of AutoGadget and Zach Bowman finally gets back into the press fleet with In the Garage.

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Audi’s Now Pushing Clean Diesel

We got a press release from Audi this morning with a new commercial they will be running promoting their clean diesel technology in their cars.  As long time readers of this blog and readers of the podcast know, I have, for 15+ years been a big proponent of turbo diesel technology and it’s benefits, especially in cost over the much hyped hybrid option.

First VW comes out with an add that’s fun and snarky, now Audi, comes out with their message that is pretty straight forward, and makes it’s point very directly.  Have a look.