Autoline After Hours Tonight with Francois Castaing, Former VP of Vehicle Engineering, Chrysler

This week we welcome Francois Castaing who was the VP of Vehicle Engineering at Chrysler back when the company was making boatloads of money. We’ll ask him about what he’s doing these days including his effort to raise money for the Detroit Science Center. As usual we’ll be parsing the news of the week including GM’s Dan Akerson, and the controversial comments he made about the Lincoln brand. We’ll also find out why Peter De Lorenzo, the Autoextremist, is lobbying Ford to return to Le Mans. John McElroy is also joined in studio by AAH founding member Jason Vines.


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RoundAboutShow #28 The “Pet” Episode

Well, Jesse James’ Cinnabun has been lost and found (again). Turns out it was a red-letter week for pets and automobiles, and so we bring you the ‘Pet’ episode. A cat lady is fined thousands for keeping a herd of unsanitary creatures in her car. An ambitious dog mauls a couple of Crown Vics, tearing off the bumper and biting through the tires of one of them. An ’88 Scirocco even gets the Pet-Project treatment when it’s modified, Mr. Fusion-style, to run off old coffee grounds. All that and more, plus we get a Stupid Car Trick double-header featuring out of control semis, Meet Your Roadmates returns with a Misunderstood Classics edition, and the ever-educational Tip of the Week is here again.

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RoundAboutShow #18 The Not What It Seem Episode

Things are not always what they seem. For instance, you might think this episode is nearly a week late. Wrong as usual, idiot. We were planning to do this episode a year from now, so technically it’s early. Why are you so offended? Clearly you are unfamiliar with the word “idiot’s” Greek roots. I was simply suggesting you were a private person unfamiliar with the vagaries of podcasting. Again, not what it seems.

So there you go. Houston, we have a theme. This week we’ve got the coolest 4×4 you never expected, a bevy of protests as the Detroit Auto Show gets going and a wrecked Yaris that is more functional than you’d think. Plus we’ve got some new fun and games this week including our Mystery Words of the Week, a new segment where we get to stereotype drivers and a couple of burnouts gone terribly wrong.

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RoundAboutShow #17 2010 Predictions

Every year on New Year’s Day we wake up in a pool of what we hope is our own vomit.  Staggering to our feet, we search for our pants, a shred of dignity and a cohesive, Zen-like theme.  In the process we also uncover a host of stories and news bites to fit that theme, however hungover or dehydrated they may be.  And whatever’s leftover, well, we talk about it anyway because it’s 2010!

Besides the obvious, like more ridiculous airport security hoops to jump through and enviro-nazis wailing about carbon and polar bears, what’s in store for the New Year?  Well, this week the RoundAbout crew plays prophet and tries to shed a little light on 2010.  The group reaches consensus on some of their predictions, but the automotive oracles are divided on other points – like Chrysler.  Even with imported new leadership, will the beleaguered automaker be able to pull through?  Has the new century smell worn off already after just one decade?  Find out on this week’s installment of RoundAbout!


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Old Aussie Car Ads

Season two of Top Gear Australia was much MUCH better than season one, if nothing else it was addition by subtraction with Charlie Cox being replaced as the show host.  A segment that they ran in season two was old car ads from Australia.  It was funny to see that their car ads were just has cheesy and horrible as the ones here in the US.

Michael Banovsky of vLane Blog has an affinity for old quirky car ads, I figured this was right up his alley.  Have a look.